Wednesday, July 23

What I wore

I finally got myself a rain cover for my bike saddle! Purple. Panda. Perfection ;)

So. This is what I wore today :)

Yesterday I baked some Linzer cake for the first time in AGES. And when I say "some" I sure mean "lots". I use an old recipe and never can get myself to adjust the amounts to bake just the one cake. With a recipe that calls for half a kilo of butter, no wonder I ended up with 4 cakes in my freezer and another two ready to munch away on :) Baking in bulk is pretty neat though.

Tomorrow I think I am going to sew on a brand new & first patch I got for my denim jacket. Excitement ensues :)

Hope you are all having a very happy summer!
See you soon :)


  1. What neat buttons on your pretty dress!!!

    That cake sound amazing! I must put it on my list of things to try. :o)


  2. Lovely colors on the dress!

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  3. Oh, that bicycle seat cover is SO CUTE!