Thursday, June 12

Shall I compare thee to.. linen

Short of declaring 2014 the year of few and far between blog posts, I might as well dub it the year of wearing linen.

I always do my best to steer clear of man-made fabrics (ugh.. that shrinkwrap feeling). Mind you, good intentions aside, when your heart is set on a pretty dress it can be hard to think practical when you find the fabric is made from plastic. But in the end no manner of gorgeousness can make that sticky unpleasantness up to me. And hell, you guys, I live in England. It doesn't even get remotely hot over here and still it's too hot for poly-shrinkwrap dresses! But then, what's the surprise, I am of the comfy shoe persuasion too: Suffering for fashion sure as shinola is not my style.

As you can see I've avoided the polyester trap just lately. There are still quite a few specimens in my wardrobe, but at least I haven't been adding any new ones this year.

Linen is pretty cool, though far too cool for winter. You might as well go out into a snow storm in the nude. ;)

Have a fantastic day!


  1. The close up shot...Wow! I mean really, who knew boots and tights could pull you in like that? It's very mellow, so pleasant to stare at for a while. And if you were selling blue tights, I'd buy a pair or two asap! :o)