Saturday, June 7

..and the livin' is easy

Nothing like a bit of sunshine to cheer me up :)
Long time no see. Hope you all are doing good!

The countdown to Glastonbury Festival has started in earnest. I've got my revised list of things to bring ready and waiting. It takes a lot of resolve to stop myself from packing already!

Meanwhile I am still infatuated with linen dresses. But I have a couple of awesome dirndls to show you too. If the sun doesn't play hooky, I'll be back with those soon :)

Have a most excellent weekend!


  1. Wow that color combo is just stunning!

  2. SO happy to see you back around! I've been playing hooky too with the blog!

    Girl how do you keep all your tights so nice! It seems these past months all of my tights have either A. Gotten terrible runs, B. No longer stay up (so I'm constantly pulling my tights up walking aorund town, attractive), or C. All of the above. WTH

    Can't wait to see what you pack for the festival!


    1. It's smoke and mirrors ;) This pair got a hole higher up on the leg, so I only wear it with longer dresses and a bunch of other tights have dye stains from my sandals on the feet, so I only wear those with boots :D

      I even throw them in the machine, albeit in lingerie bags. I am real lazy when it comes to laundry (amongst other things) ;)