Monday, April 14

Told you I'd be back ;)

Told ya.

Well.. it took me a good long while to get back to blogging, but I think.. I am pretty sure: I am back at last.
It's been nice to concentrate on other things for a while. I've been reading, drawing and well,.. lazing.
Here is what I wore today. What I am still wearing (no nudity here).

You should see my spam box. I've never had as many comments as the moment I stopped posting! I guess if nothing else it served to remind me that this blog of mine was collecting dust.
Time for a spring clean I guess? ;)

Hope life has been treating you well while I've been gone.
What did you get up to this winter?


  1. Welcome back. As for what I did this Winter...I added some great new colored tights to my collection for one thing. :o)

    1. Awesome :)

      I am actually running pretty low on tights - you know the odd run and hole appear but I've just not been replacing them. Then again I started out with an obscene amount ;)

  2. Yay, welcome back! You are always a welcome spot of color in my blog reader.

    Our winter in CA was the driest year in recorded history. But since I can't change the weather, I just tried to enjoy the unusual sun (and take shorter showers!)

    1. Thanks :)

      Sunshine is always good - that said it's been a crazy winter weather-wise all over I guess. We've had the wettest one since records began

  3. Welcome back! This Winter was way too warm over here in Belgium, but at least I went iceskating again after a couple of years. The day after I was so sore, haha!