Tuesday, April 22

This haze aint mental

Well, it's been pretty hazy and grey these past couple of days but I figured you guys wouldn't mind some hazy shots instead of sunshine galore for a change, huh? Thank goodness it is just the weather that's feeling a bit obscure right now (forgive me, I looked up synonyms and "mental haze" came up.. yes.. I admit my jokes are getting more drab by the day)  ;)

So.. this is what I wore.. yesterday. Looks like I am racking up a slight "outfit time lag" once again ;)

I am back at work today after a four day Easter break. It was the weekend that kept right on giving! It's been a really pleasant break :)

Hope you guys had a nice (long) weekend too!


  1. Your outfit time lag is nothing...I usually take around four days to post mine. :o)


  2. Love the dress!! So pretty with your tattoo!

  3. I love that dress! And your haircut is super cute.