Friday, April 18

Of course they're made for walking. Duh!

You know how it is when you wrack your brain for a neat-o title for your latest "this is what I wore today" post.  Of course every cliche wordplay and song reference ends up stuck on repeat in your mind. Leaving no space at all for alternative options. So what is a girl to do? Pick a cliched title of course! You're welcome.

Check out this awesome necklace! You could use it as a weapon it's so chunky (not that I condone jewellery-based weaponry. Peace out!)

Anyway.. before the above train of thought derailed I was going to tell you about this necklace: It's been hanging on my mirror for about two years now but I could never think of an outfit it would really go with. I guess a lot of the stuff I wear is just so loud all by itself the necklace always seemed one accessory too far.

Cue this little dress :) At last a perfect match! I just love seeing the lush green and the bright orange of the necklace together.

These are the boots my parents gave me :)
Thank you oh awesome parents! You rule. As do these boots. Obviously they are most excellent.

And talking about "most excellent": I wish you all a most excellent (ha ha.. yes..) Easter weekend!


  1. My blog post titles take the longest time to come up with, too. \= I am happy to hear I am not the only one!

    Congratulations on figuring out how to wear the gorgeous necklace after some time. I really dig your dress- you always wear such lovely colors.

  2. Beautiful!

  3. Great boots for sure, but it is your dress that has really stolen my heart here.Do you mind sharing its source?

    1. It's from etsy seller 'originalstyleshop'
      Here is a link to the listing for the dress in green (also available in blue)

  4. Those boots just stole my heart!!!

  5. Thank you, what a nice shop! Gives a very different twist to the familiar "made in china", lovely. Thanks again.