Monday, February 10

Beach reads

Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion by Dan Simmons follows a band of unlikely pilgrims of a distant future on a faraway world. The first book is a set of self-contained stories, each told in a different style.

As far as Barbie goes these are pretty neat, no?

Endymion & Rise of Endymion don't exactly pick up where Fall of Hyperion left off, but the two series are certainly connected. Our hero Raul Endymion sure does weep a lot. But you can't really hold it against him,.. as soon as you start turning those pages his life gets turned upside down.

Well, that's most of what I read for the two weeks we spent in Goa last December.

In short: We had a blast. We'd been to Goa before last year. On this our second visit we spent a lot more time in the South of the state, where quiet reading spots were easily found. Uncharacteristically I even spent a lot of time in the water :)

Well, that was quite a while ago already now.
Where does the time go, hey? Maybe the washing machine eats it just like all the left socks..