Wednesday, December 11


These are from last weekend - blue in blue - my same old favourite ;)

Today ended up equally as sunny for just about an hour before dusk. It had taken most the day for the fog to lift and by the time I cycled home from work it rose from the river once again. Am I succeeding in making this sound like a ghost story? ;) It sure felt pleasantly spooky cycling through the haze.

Have a fantastic day you-all!

Saturday, December 7

December snuck up on me

Hi guys!

Long time no see :)
Unlike in previous years I have no photos squirreled away for winter. So with short days and grey weekends it's rare for me to have something new to show you.
I am looking forward to spring when I can catch you guys up on a couple of other new dresses I have added to my tightly packed wardrobe ;)

It's not that I buy that much stuff really, it's just that I don't let go of clothes unless they're worn out. 
Actually it's been a pretty frugal year clothing purchase wise. Mind you, I made up for that restraint between October and now ;)

Treated yourself to anything nice recently?
Until next time :)