Sunday, October 6

Guess who's back..

Hey guys!
Well I guess it's been a while :)

Honestly I just got real tired of carrying a tripod on my back. ;)
Well, I am back to old tricks, though with the days getting shorter I think I'll dedicate only weekends to "photo time". 

Man, I have had them boots for a while now. A few years. Gee, I have been blogging here since 2009. I think I'll just go ahead and declare myself an outfit blogging veteran :D In other news: These boots still rule!

Hope you all are having a most fantastic weekend!
Mine has been pretty lazy (excluding frantic outfit shoot action).

Here is to all things dappled about to happen to nature! Autumn in the house :)
Laters my dears


  1. I don't know what I like best. Never mind, the whole outfit is just the best...until the next outfit that is. :o)

    When I wear tights with my cowboy boots, the boots chew on my tights leaving them unsuitable for wearing with any other shoe.

  2. Yay! Is your tripod a professional heavy one? I use a lightweight cheap one to take photos, but I have a regular digital camera and not a DSLR.

  3. Hi Aya :)

    I wish this stupid reply feaure would work on my work machine (java must be an issue or something, gah)

    I use one of the heavy tripods, (a 190 series manfrotto). It's great because I know my camera is safe even when it gets windy but it sure weighs you down while you're cycling :D
    I imagine it looks as if I've got a rifle slung across my back, so even though it makes me ache I feel "super dangerous".. yes, yes.. my imagintion runs away with me ;)

  4. Hi JJ

    Sorry again, I guess you may not see this as soon as my reply feature appears to be due a repair (oh blogger, I blame you!) but I feel your cowboy boot pain.

    Luckily these boots are kind to my tights but I have a pair of awesome two-tone flats collecting dust because heck knows how but they even chew up my socks!
    It's a conspiracy I tell you - the shoe industry is clearly keeping the tights industry in business ;)

  5. The reply feature isn't working on my end either???

    Hehe, I totally go for that conspiracy. :o)

    1. Looks like I'd customized my template a bit too much :)
      Seems to be in working order after resetting my widets.
      Yay! Replies :)

      Have a great weekend!