Sunday, October 27

Almost.. already!

So I finally precured a pair of good as new doc martens. Their main purpose will be to carry me through the muddy fields of Pilton next June (my Glastonbury holiday is already booked off work) but I am sure I'll get lots of wear out of these purples throughout winter too.

This Austrian felt hat is also part of my Glastonbury wardrobe. Perfect come rain or shine. Pretty good going for a hat only three years my junior!

So yes, barely through October and already I am counting down to next summer's festival. Luckily all that looking ahead doesn't stop me from enjoying the present ;)

Frankly, I am one of those people who starts Tuesday by announcing: "Nearly Friday!", but that doesn't mean the rest of the week passes me by. I just like to clap my hands in excited anticipation of whatever goodie the world has to offer me next, whether that be a weekend of lazing or a muddy field filled with music.

Happy weekend! The next one isn't far off either ;)

Sunday, October 20

Bring your own sunsine

I definitely receive more comments about my colourful clothing in autumn and winter, when the world is starting to look a little grey around the edges.

Here we go again. Rain comes pouring down in windy torrents. Autumn is in full swing. So I guess you could say it is with some defiance that I pluck radiant colours from my wardrobe.

I say: Wear the brightness you wish to see in the world! And sod the weather ;)
Hope you are all having a colourful weekend!

Tuesday, October 15

Still got the Blues..

Hi guys :)

Even after such a long hiatus.. as you can see: I still got me the Blues.
Though I'd like to say I love all colours equally, really I love blue just a liiiiittle bit more.

Just so you understand how deep my fascination with the colour blue runs: I dreamt I ate a blue crayon last night.

Anybody got a fanciful interpretation to offer? ;)

Until next time,
enjoy every moment!

Friday, October 11

Plural legwear

Although I started getting back into trousers quite a while ago, for years I had kept exclusively to dresses and skirts. So it's no shock to find that the surprise hasn't quite worn of just yet for colleagues and friends.

Well, I guess I am proud I no longer discriminate against trousers. What's the next step for me? Jeggings? ;)

Friday came around faster than I thought ;) Not that you think I am complaining here for one minute.
Here comes the weekend!
Even when it's not "long awaited" it is always more than welcome :)

Have a fantastic day!

Sunday, October 6

Guess who's back..

Hey guys!
Well I guess it's been a while :)

Honestly I just got real tired of carrying a tripod on my back. ;)
Well, I am back to old tricks, though with the days getting shorter I think I'll dedicate only weekends to "photo time". 

Man, I have had them boots for a while now. A few years. Gee, I have been blogging here since 2009. I think I'll just go ahead and declare myself an outfit blogging veteran :D In other news: These boots still rule!

Hope you all are having a most fantastic weekend!
Mine has been pretty lazy (excluding frantic outfit shoot action).

Here is to all things dappled about to happen to nature! Autumn in the house :)
Laters my dears