Tuesday, July 23


hello there.

life keeps on carrying on. also known as:  summer. 
blogging is playing second fiddle to the sunshine.
in other news:  there was a thunderstorm last night. quite a spectacle.  
I remember some real ground shakers when I was growing up.
the weather is such a subjective affair. ;)

hat: festival stall
dress, belt, tights & shoes: highstreet

thunderstorms aside I am lazing in the heat and hope you are all equally relaxed. it's good to be lazy every once in a while. hope you all are having a fantastic week :)


  1. Loving the tights. I'm hosting a fabulous new giveaway that I think you'll love! You can win a vintage marquee light of your choice. Come take a look! Have a great night! Kori xoxo


    Blonde Episodes

  2. Your photography always makes me feel relaxed and contemplative. I'm sending good sunshine thoughts your way during our long foggy summer.

  3. I love a good thunderstorm, we've been having lots of stormy weather this week, nothing like going to sleep listening to the rain. I'm loving your polka dot tights!