Wednesday, July 17


The blue skies and ferocious sun are holding around here :)
What a summer you guys!

It's funny though. I hear so many people who wait for summer all winter long bemoan the weather now. They're waiting for the heat to break just as impatiently as they waited for the snow to melt only a few months ago.  What a shame to be always waiting.

Nah. It's not for me. Right here, right now you guys. Let's make the most of what we got :)

Until next time!
Sunshine :)

dress: eBay
hat & shoes: high-street


  1. That is the cutest calico dress!

  2. That is the cutest calico dress! I never bemoan the sunshine that's for sure.

  3. I hear ya! I mean, everyone complains about the heat here in Arizona bcuz it's really untolerable, but the crazy thing is ppl complain so much when it's "cold" when we try to rejoice in it. anyway, you look lovely in your flowy summer dress, perfect for a picnic!
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  4. Gorgeous dress!! Loving it so much!