Sunday, July 14

Flocked polyester..

I love this dress but I also hate it. Because I've only worn this a handful of times and already it's going into my Glasto pile. That's the bag at the bottom of my wardrobe where all the dresses that are no longer suitable for general wear live, awaiting their swan song as a festival dress.

No, this time I didn't stain it irrevocably. It's all because of the ridiculous material, which I was dubious about from the start (but common sense was overruled by the sheer awesome of the dress and I had to have it regardless) - I've been careful as heck but still the polyester pulled all over the place. Not that it shows in these photos, but I assure you in person the bunching is so severe it would put a one hundred year old woolie jumper to shame.

You live you learn. Do not buy low quality fabrics.. no matter how glorious the cut and even if you are incredibly smitten with the panel details.. ah well.. I guess there have to be exceptions to every rule. I guess one fine day I'll make the same mistake again :P

Happy weekend!

hat, cardi & shoes: highstreet
dress & tights: online store


  1. It's always such a bummer when a beautiful piece is constructed so poorly that it just won't hold up. I can see why you wanted it to work; that color and the collar detail are both wonderful.

  2. What a shame because it really is a beautiful dress!

  3. these double things are seriously so cool, my hubs just saw and even commented. pity about the crap material bcuz it really is a beauty!
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  4. I remember when you bought it! it's a shame it didn't work out