Tuesday, July 30


Dungarees, huh?
Who can resist them.
Seriously: Not me.

This dress is a little short on me (which is why I chose to wear it on my hip rather than as designed) but once again I "had to have it anyway".

It's been a good long while since I last wore a piece of clothing that comes with a bib :) But no matter how many dresses and skirts I accumulate.. I am always pleased to find a set of pockets. Bibs are fun. Pockets are important.

Glad we got that sorted out ;)
Now you all go have a fantastic day!

dress: high-street
top & tights: online store
trainers: eBay


  1. Barbora-CZEAugust 01, 2013

    My dad incultate me through all my childrenhood, that a dungarees are the worst punishment for life. He works in dungarees and hterefore he wanted better life for me - mainly studies and more facile work. (But he grew up in the communist Czhechoslovakia, where he had to become a tradesman and he couldn´t study).
    Even so, I like skirts with braces... but shhh, it´s a secret :))
    Have a nice day too (without hard work) ;)

  2. yeah, you and I like the same types of lengths of skirts, so I could tell that you would feel this is short as well. I feel uncomfortable in such things. It is really cute on you though!!!