Thursday, July 4

Bins of Glastonbury.. or some of them anyway ;)

Yesterday I returned to the real world after spending a whole week camping at Glastonbury Festival. This year I didn't turn up as a punter, but instead did some volunteer work with Friends of the Earth, who provide property lock ups for festival goers. Not only was the work great fun and provided a little structure, but it also meant I arrived a day before gates opened and got to have a wander around the vast site before the some 135,000 ticket holders marched through the gates and pitched their tents.

One of the things I really enjoy about Glastonbury Festival is how much attention goes into every little detail. So here is to the details, in this case: The bins. Only eighty volunteers painted thousands of these, so it's all the more amazing just how much work they put into each of them.

Okay.. that was only half of them.. get ready for some more bins in a separate post :D

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  1. Wow! I'd wager that those 80 volunteers are awfully glad that someone cared enough to take photos of their work. It takes an artist to appreciate one...