Monday, June 10

Hotshoe Timetravel

Oh tunic goodness. Not so awesome in full profile ;)

I wore this one day in late October. (Greetings from late October, how's June going?)
The morning mist looked pretty neat as I cycled to work, so I stopped and unpacked my tripod, only to find I'd left the release plate at home. Doh.

When I arrived home after work that evening, I set up my little garage studio to take these shots instead. Only then did I finally remember that I don't own a hot shoe adaptor to hook up my digital camera to my flash kit. Mega DOH! I rigged it by slaving my lights off the inbuilt flash, but the sync was a tad off. I guess I should have used a long exposure to compensate for that, but my brain wasn't all that on this dank evening. So, in short, more luck next time. I ordered the adaptor ;)

Now if I could only remember where I put that adaptor ;)
Thank goodness winter is over :D

hat & cardi: highstreet
brooch: DIY
dress: etsy (BlytheHopesVintage)
tights & saddle shoes: online store


  1. I haven't stopped by your blog in quite a while, and your photos are looking really great. Love the crocheted camera necklace too!
    Brass in Pocket Blog

  2. Love your outfit! Where did you get the camera necklace?