Friday, June 14

A particular smug

Hi guys
Well, this I wore back in November. I guess it doesn't take a genius to work out I've been one lazy blogger recently ;) I can't even blame the weather - it's been mixed but there were enough sunny spots to get out my tripod. Only I've been taking a holiday from carrying it around :P

Nearly the weekend and nearly time for Glastonbury Festival too!
I think I am packing this weekend. I feel pleasantly "smug" being ready and packed for something I've been looking forward to for a long time :)

Gaffa tape and bin bags.. check.
Have a good one!

hat, skirt (dyed): highstreet
blouse: online store
brooch: etsy (craftyfolk)
tights x 2 (blue & pistachio): online store
denim jacket & trainers: eBay


  1. your outfit is so cute. Also i'm a bit jelly that your going to the Glastonbury festival. I have to wait till august to go to any.

  2. Hey girl, are you OK and alive? I miss your posts.