Sunday, May 19

Sheep's Clothing

I'd like to do something a little more intricate with my brand new sheep and wolf masks, but for now I am pleased they've made a debut on the blog. Baaah!

This is one of those few dresses I rarely wear during the colder seasons, and when I do I always regret it ;) It's linen, so doesn't exactly count as insulation :D
I've also been waiting hard to take this colourful jacket for a spin. At long last (insert evil laugh here) my plan has come to fruition!

Now it's back to a lazy Sunday for me, hope you are getting to relax and wind down too :)

dress & cardi: online store
jacket: eBay
shoes: highstreet


  1. I love these pictures! You take the most unique photos!

  2. That dress is awesome, such pretty colors!