Monday, May 13

It's a new dawn it's a new week

Hello you guys.

Another new week. They're just racing by. And I'll be darned if it isn't getting warmer and greener out there!
Foliage. I missed you.

Right, next up I'll show you a book my Mom gave me some years ago. Meanwhile, have a good one :)

coat & cardi: highstreet
skirt: etsy
tights, hats & boots: eBay


  1. Have a lovely spring. (: I always spend the first few sunny days laughing with delight when the sunshine hits my face.

  2. So glad it's getting warmer there! This morning, it was abnormally cold here :( Love the skirt!

  3. I'm so glad there are leaves on the trees again, it makes it actually feel like Spring. Love this colourful outfit - that skirt is the most amazingly cheerful colour xo