Wednesday, May 1

Frankie my dear I do give a damn!

I first encountered frankie magazine in the lost property box at a youth hostel.
Ever since I occasionally treat myself to an issue. The writing is my favourite part, but this month there were plenty of photographic goodies to boot..

Brazilian photographer Gustavo Lacerda's studio portraits of people with albinism.

What I really like about Saskia Wilson's photos is that she provided source and price not only for the blouses, but ever item in the image. Compare :)

Alma Haser's self-portraits and not so self portraits are really quite intriguing. Look closlier ;)

Midweek you all :)
Have a good second half!


  1. I always enjoy picking up my monthly fix of Frankie, always something different and new to read

  2. I had a copy of Frankie once, i really liked it!