Thursday, May 30

Bank holiday

I bought this dress at a market in Goa. I just loved the fabric, although I'd rather not think about the circumstances under which it was most likely manufactured. I expect it's no worse than your average high-street brand production facility (which sadly is SO not an endorsement). Looking at the haphazard sewing I can't imagine what manic speed somebody cobbled this dress together at. I doubt anyone could work at such a rate without sewing their own fingers to the fabric every once in a while, which ouch! once again is not exactly a happy thought.

So yeah, I lurv this dress but I am also kinda grumpy I bought it in the first place :P
But what's done is done, so I might as well make the most of it, hey? And what better day to wear it than a lazy, unexpectedly sunny bank holiday Monday!

The weatherman threatened downpours, thunder and flash floods but instead the sky was the bluest of blues. Aaah. Balm for the soul ;) Oh, what a difference a little bit of sunshine makes!

dress: market (Goa)
cardi: online store
brooch: emmaus (charity shop)
shoes: highstreet


  1. Barbora-CZEMay 30, 2013

    Oh, it is beautiful weather! Here, in the Czech Republic, still raining for many days or weeks. :(

    Excuse my bad english, please. But I have to write to you, that your blog is absolutely perfect and I love it since I found it (November 2012)! I love all the collors, which abounds. I admire your career and hard work leading up to it. And also is funny, that I live in the Czech Republic, but my grandfather was an Austrian. :) Keep it up and thank you!

  2. Gorgeous weather and beautiful sandals!

  3. @Barboara-CZE Thank you :)
    My Grandma grew up in the Czech Republic, so it's like we got our countries reversed :D