Sunday, April 7

Who's to say

Hi there :)
Hope you guys had a relaxing weekend as well.
I was enjoying some unexpected sunshine and the distinct lack of arctic winds :D

My husband and I watched Moonrise Kingdom on Saturday. Freaking awesome! If you haven't yet you should seriously watch it.

"Was he a good dog?"
"Who's to say. But he didn't deserve to die."
Best quote. Ever.

So long :)

beret: eBay
scarf: present (pass me down)
sweater & shoes: highstreet
coat: supermarket
cape: market stall
skirt: second-hand (etsy)
tights: online store


  1. Moonrise Kingdome hat mir auch sehr, sehr gut gefallen!! Hier in Wien warten wir leider noch immer auf die Sonne...

  2. I have nominated you for a Liebster award, if you are interested the details are here.