Friday, April 5

The Dudh Abides

This is the waterfall that scarred my foot. But I lived to tell the tale ;)
Of course when I slipped and the water started to turn red, the source of the pretty tint wasn't my primary concern: As soon as the foot was clearly still attached drying off my camera came first. Priorities. Get'em straight ;)

Nearly the weekend you guys.
Make it a good one!


  1. But of course, a foot can heal itself, a camera cannot. Such a gorgeous waterfall, it looks as if it was worth the scar.

  2. Beautiful waterfall photos! Glad you survived to share these photos with us.

  3. This place is very beautiful! Where is it?

    <3 jen @ librarian tells all

  4. Hi Jen

    Dudh Sagar is in India. On the border between Goa and Karnataka. We went to see it on a holiday last December :)