Sunday, April 14

Stef two hats

Hi you guys :)

Well, my posting habits are becoming positively unpredictable.
Although I drew a certain satisfaction from posting every 48 hours like some tick toking efficiency machine, giving myself a day or three off from the blog certainly feels pretty darn good too.

I'd say it leaves space for other pastimes, but frankly it just allowed for my computer to physically grow attached to my lap, skin and microchips bonding, like an electronic parasite. Well, that's unfair.. I have been doing plenty of reading too :)

Today feels like spring. I tell you, I have been waiting hard. I bet you all are too. I've been sitting outside in a t-shirt and it's not how it feels that's so exciting, but how it doesn't feel: COLD. So here is to that absence!

Spring, I knew you were real! I never gave up on you, honest. Let's be friends?

Well, obviously I didn't wear two hats.. but I found the blue one in my backpack as I rifled through it for my remote and figured: What the hell? I'll wear'em both.

hats & cardi: eBay
dress, tights & saddle shoes: online store


  1. I love the pattern mixing and the cardie in particular!

    And I kind of like it when people don't post as often, gives me more of a chance to keep up!

  2. Was wondering if you used a remote or self timer

  3. Unpredictable or not, your posts are fabulous :) Loving the sweater!

  4. @Iliska Dreams I use a remote most of the time. I am not anywhere near sporty enough for all that running into frame while the timer ticks away ;) Also, auto focus works a lot better for me with the remote. :)