Monday, April 22

Quick Done

Velcro! These shoes are so damn awesome. That those fastenings are really not buttons but Velcro somehow makes me really quite happy.

Finally it's warm enough to give this dress a spin!
When we spent two weeks in Goa last winter (ha! it's not winter anymore!), I tired of the market stalls in no time but the tailor shops, of which there is a few, are definitely well worth a visit!

I went to Quick Done Tailors in Candolim.
Lots of gorgeous fabrics to pick from. The cut of this dress is based on another dress I'd brought along on my holiday. You can also find lots of amazing dresses with incredible bead work ready made and waiting to be adjusted to your measurements.. I got one of those waiting in my wardrobe as well. Next time I am travelling light. Little luggage, lots of vintage patterns for reference in my suitcase ;)

Until next time!

dress: Quick Done Tailors, Candolim, Goa
scarf: present
cardi: supermarket
tights & heels: online store


  1. AHHHH, where did you get those adorable shoes!!!!

  2. @BaronessVonVintage:

    They are BC Shoes via modcloth and some sizes are still available (on sale actually):

  3. That's pretty awesome about the velcro buttons like that!!!