Tuesday, April 2

Green Day

I was having a green day today :) Well, discounting the outer layers that is ;)

After a four day weekend my alarm clock genuinely confused me this morning. I woke up and for a moment there I wondered why the hell my phone was making that infernal noise.. and then I realised: I am expected to get up, get ready and head for that all but forgotten place: the office. Dum! Dum! DUM!
Oh well, only a four day week.. that should ease me back into the daily grind softly.

So here is to short weeks and longer days :D

beret & tights: eBay
scarf: second hand
dress: highstreet (dyed)
cardi & coat: supermarket
boots: present

1 comment:

  1. Your scarf speaks to me...it says, "I am so much fun to wear!" :o)