Wednesday, April 10

Bound Paper Treasure #5

I may have squealed when I unwrapped The Blue Room by Eugene Richards this Christmas. I am a sucker for photographs of abandoned places, but you can trust Richards to deliver something that adds up to more than just the beauty of decay. There is an absence felt in every image. Dead birds, almost like toys, scattered on the floor of what was once a child's bedroom, disintegrating photographs hinting at lifes lived within these crumbling walls, the ghost of translucent curtains dancing in the breeze, there's poetry in these images. And the field notes at the end of the book are just as beautifully versed as ever.

Uncommon Places by Lynne Cohen collects series of large format interiors, some in full colour, some black & white. It's like looking through the key hole of exactly the kind of places you might never expect to see first hand. From shooting ranges over scientific and medical facilities to waiting rooms.. these spaces appear surreal. Imposing. Institutional. Fascinating. Looking in through people's lit up windows while walking along at night time nothing against it ;)

The Innocents by Taryn Simon was published in collaboration with The Innocence Project. The book comprises of portraits of numerous men who spent years or even decades imprisoned before being exonerated after DNA testing proved them innocent.

The large-format colour portraits are beautifully composed. Many are taken at the scene of the crime or at scene of arrest. Each is accompanied by the subject's story. The stories that are told are harrowing and poignant. The book puts faces to and as such humanizes the failings of the jusdicial system. Never foolproof.

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  1. I always enjoy reading your posts on your reading material. Your favored books seem contemplative and visually vivid. I also admire your play with color in all of your fashion posts. Thank you for your blog!

    (I was reminded of the abandoned buildings I saw in Tainan, like Hayashi's Department Store, remaining from the Japanese occupation)