Friday, April 19

Blow dryer

Monday was warm but oh so windy. I wish I'd had a hat, so I might have hidden the blow dryer effect, but even that wouldn't have helped me keep my skirt down. Marylin Monroe nothing against it. Check it out though: Clogs! And my toes are totally intact. Not purple, not even blue. ;) So long frostbite fears: We'll meet again next year!

And I've still not had my tattoo touched up! But it's looking pretty bright and cheerful judging by these photos. Only, I should really get myself into gear and have it finished up one of these days. Oh procrastination! I know thee well..

What are you all putting off right now?

dress & clogs: online store
cardi & tights: highstreet
denim jacket: eBay


  1. As always I love the way you mix colours so effortlessly. And you clogs are awesome! I'm putting off... well sadly (considering its the weekend)I'm putting off finishing off some work that I need to do before the working week even starts. Booo

  2. I'm putting off vacuuming today, though I'll be doing it after my little one's nap. I'm putting off rollerblading, simply because it costs money to get them. I'm putting off dying my hair again until this weekend (or the next). I'm putting off putting on make-up today. I'm glad you won't get frostbite for a while haha.