Thursday, March 14


It's been a long, cold, beautifully bright day :)

I snapped some photos of what I was wearing on the way to work, when the fields were still covered in morning frost and children on their way to school were dawdling so they could kick just one more icy puddle CRUNCH!

I guess I'll catch up properly with you guys another time.
The day kind of disappeared on me and it's time for bed *yawn*

Happy Friday (almost)!

beret: etsy (softspoken)
blouse & cardi: online store
skirt: etsy (annabelfuzz)
tights & wellies: eBay


  1. I just found you through Old Red Boots, and I LOVE your blog! The first twin picture I saw took my breath away, and I share your obsession with dollhouses. I'll definitely be back!

    Have a wonderful weekend,
    Jen @ librarian tells all

  2. I LOVE that beanie! The frost covered fields are beautiful, we don't get scenes like that here!