Wednesday, March 6


When I went for photos at lunch I couldn't believe the sheer size of the swans that were flip flopping through the grass. I mean, this one big whopper easily reached my hips, and I am no shortie either.

Obviously I couldn't resist plotting to get these guys in shot, but I was pretty weary too, after all if they'd felt like it they could have totalled my camera with ease ;) Lucky they were on their best behaviour, hoping I might have some breadcrumbs hidden away like the other lunch-timers. Oh what a let down that must have been  ;)

beret: etsy (softspoken)
jacket: supermarket
blouse & ankle boots: highstreet
culottes & tights: online store


  1. What a BEAUTIFUL setting! The lighting, the trees, the water and you of course are all beautiful. I'm a tad terrified of swans though so I think you're very brave getting so close

  2. I dream of doing one of your "group photos" one day. If I ever manage it, I'll be sure to give you all the inspirational (blatant copying) credit. :o)