Sunday, March 24

Sun will Rise

Hello there :) Happy weekend!
It's snowing again.. I thought we were past this, but this winter just won't budge.

I took these back in February, when the sun was only just stretching out it's golden feelers as I cycled towards work.

Those rowers.. always on the river, always yelling through megaphones early in the morning.
I know, I know... proud university tradition and what not, but it takes my all to keep from shouting right back at them.  Yes, yes, they're really only shouting commands to each other, spurning their team on, but I just can't help it, I want to give them what for.

I am a choleric.. at heart.

There's flats right there you know, the other side of the river and plenty of people live in boats around this stretch of the Cam too. What a wake up call! I am glad I don't live there or the poor rowers would have to get used to dodging objects aimed at them from my window ;)

hat: present (pass me down)
sweater & ankle boots: highstreet
cape: market stall
skirt: etsy
tights: online store

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