Tuesday, March 19

Round Tuit

Well, you know me:
I wake up to pea soup and I grab my tripod right away.

I am pleased I finally got a round tuit - around to swapping the buttons on this cardi that is.
It's a lovely hand knit. When I happened across it in a charity shop it looked a bit grey around the edges, a shortcoming easily remedied with a pack of dye. But until I swapped the buttons it just didn't look quite right. Now it's a firm favourite :)

Procrastination 0 - Stef 1

beret & wellies: eBay
scarf: present
cardi: charity shop (dyed & buttons swapped)
coat: supermarket
skirt: etsy (Eclectasie)
tights: online store


  1. Oh that just makes me catch my breath...the pea soup fog that is. Although, your cardigan transformation IS pretty grand. :o)


  2. The fog is simply haunting! You look like a character in a book. Nice job refreshing the cardigan and making it your own!

    <3 jen @ librarian tells all

  3. These photos are so beautiful with that fog! And I may be a dork, but it took me a long time to get your title ;-) The very silliest of clever titles, ma'am.