Tuesday, March 26


Happy Purple Day you all!

Well, all my colleagues turned up colour co-ordinated today ;)
Scouring our wardrobes for purple things (well, most everybody but me had to hunt for items anyway..).

Sometimes it's hard to even keep track of all those different awareness days, but this one aims to increase awareness of epilepsy.

You can find the Do's & Don'ts of First Aid when somebody's having a seizure here.
Always good to know the basics, so you don't lose your head at the time. Me, I am horrible in an emergency. Deer in headlights nothing against it ;) So you  know, I reckon "be prepared" and it's a lot easier not to be a total dumb ass when it comes to it.

It's hard enough for epilepsy sufferers to wake up to an audience, might as well be a calm, supportive one ;)

Still icy around here. Meh.
A four day week on the other hand, not meh at all :D

cardi & coat: highstreet
blouse: online store
hat & skirt(dyed), shoes: eBay
cape: market stall

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  1. Love the colour combinations!