Sunday, March 10

Personality is a mask you believe in

I've been reading this and that just lately, dipping in and out of books and not really finishing any. That is, until yesterday afternoon.

That's when I stumbled across Wolf in the Head by Paul Quarry and by 2 AM the next morning I had turned the final page.

Here is the description that hooked me:
Wolf in the Head is a story about a psychic who doesn’t really want to be a vet, a coma patient who doesn’t really want to be a zombie, a dog who doesn’t really want to be a dog and a wolf – Well actually, the wolf doesn’t really mind living inside Marty’s head. If you like cats, you might want to read something else.

Well, there are a couple of cringy bits for your avid cat lover, but don't let that deter you ;)
I certainly spent fun, adventurous hours along for the ride with Marty and his headmate Wolf.
Well worth the read :)


  1. That book sounds super cool! Definitely on my reading list

  2. Hi Stef,
    Glad you enjoyed my novel :)