Friday, March 29

Long weekend, here I come

Well you all, this is what I wore yesterday. If there is one thing I love about icy cold weather, it's that all those layers make for much improved clone shots. It may look like I am just playing dress up, but throughout the day I wore all this stuff. I'll switch from my cardi to my cape to my coat, depending on the current temperature.. so yeah.. I am a layering show off.

Not much to report. I am reading Snuff by Chuck Palahniuk right now, Once Upon A Time in the West is coming to an end in the background as I write this and the line up for Glasto has been released (yay!). So yeah.. long weekend, here I come!

beret & cardi: eBay
cape: market stall
dress & tights: online store
boots & coat: highstreet

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