Monday, March 4


 It was love on first sight. This crochet collar and me, we were meant to be ;)
But when I saw that the material was listed as polyester I resolved that this liaison was not advisable after all. Oh, the heartbreak!

If there is one thing you need to know about me, it's that I am a daydreamer.
Like anyone who's prone to staring into the middle distance, I hold a whole world in here. Full of characters and places in which various formulaic tales play out whenever I am letting my mind wander.

And this is relevant how? Well, after deciding that I was not going to splurge on a damn polyester number, I only went and found myself wearing this dress on my various quests. So I conceded that if I already owned an imaginary version of this garment I might as well give in and get the fabric and thread equivalent too.

Not exactly logical, but hey. I didn't promise a sensible explanation, right?

Have a fantastic day you guys!

coat: supermarket
hat, cardi & boots: highstreet
dress & tights: online store


  1. Hahaha...that's close to the same reason I have any synthetic materials in my closet. It's a battle between my skin not getting suffocated and me getting to prance around in something that looks (if not feels) super. :o)

    Love the pink nails with all the bold colors!

  2. I love the outfit and the top photo is adorable! You always do so many fun things with your photos! You look like cute little chanterelles - the gold of the forest - all Swedes favorite mushroom - so that is a compliment!