Tuesday, March 12


Hey Hey!

Today was bitterly cold and windy to boot, so I hope you are suitably impressed that I left my warm office to snap these at lunch ;)

Thank goodness for this blog! Without it there would be no exploration of the great outdoors for this lazybones here.

Right, I am pooped you all.. time to catch up with some urgent lazing
Have a good one!

beret: etsy (softspoken)
scarf: market stall
dress: isabel knowles
cardi & tights: online store
boots: eBay


  1. The color in these photos is just so rich and gorgeous! Lovely!

  2. Hi! Great to meet another photographer using the park as a location. Have you tried the other lakes yet?

  3. What lovely photos, it's great to see the sun out! It's been so miserable my will to take photos myself goes very quickly.
    I'm loving your colours as always, particularly orange :)

  4. I hate to admit that I haven't visited your blog in a while, but it's so nice to come here and see such pretty colors! And the location for your pictures is beautiful. :)

    Sunshine Over The Mountains

  5. You are so cute! I love that dress and all the layers are perfect! I love how you clone yourself in the photos (not sure I said that right) it looks so awesome. Just found you through Marisa of Shades of Monet :)

  6. Such a fun print! I found you via Flock Together!


  7. Just found your blog via Flock Together. I love your photos! I don't know how you do the quirky dual shots. It's really different

    And such a beautiful background. It makes me want to run to the country.