Saturday, March 2

And Hell freezes over..

I have had these trousers for years but they are still as good as new. That's because I rarely wear them. Not that I dislike'em, they're everything trousers should be ;) but they are still.. trousers. Haters gonna hate. Trousers. :D

Anyway, I do love the whole button up flap thing which makes me feel like a cross dressing Victorian lady.. or something. I should give up on this whole writing about what I am wearing malarkey, sartorially I guess I go with my gut, so I have a great big Nothing to say about my wardrobe, other than: I like it.

Oh, the insights I am bestowing upon you feel privileged yet? ;)

Enough of all that.

Have a most fantastic weekend you guys.
May it be more engaging than my gibbery gabble.

beret: etsy (softspoken)
t-shirt: glasto
cardi: online store
trousers, coat & ankle boots: highstreet


  1. oranges_and_applesMarch 02, 2013

    who needs words when you've got pictures as nice as yours? i liked the thought of a crossdressing victorian though!

  2. Pictures are worth thousands upon thousands of words anyways. I love that you threw in that you like your're the one that really counts after all!