Sunday, March 31

Daylight savings

Talk about lazy Sundays ;)
I made it out of the house for photos at least ;)

Last night the clocks turned forward again. At last! Daylight savings is for the dogs if you ask me, so I am pleased to be putting it behind me for another year. I am excited for the extra hour before dusk this evening :)

Have a great day everybody!

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kids-t: supermarket
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Friday, March 29

Long weekend, here I come

Well you all, this is what I wore yesterday. If there is one thing I love about icy cold weather, it's that all those layers make for much improved clone shots. It may look like I am just playing dress up, but throughout the day I wore all this stuff. I'll switch from my cardi to my cape to my coat, depending on the current temperature.. so yeah.. I am a layering show off.

Not much to report. I am reading Snuff by Chuck Palahniuk right now, Once Upon A Time in the West is coming to an end in the background as I write this and the line up for Glasto has been released (yay!). So yeah.. long weekend, here I come!

beret & cardi: eBay
cape: market stall
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boots & coat: highstreet

Tuesday, March 26


Happy Purple Day you all!

Well, all my colleagues turned up colour co-ordinated today ;)
Scouring our wardrobes for purple things (well, most everybody but me had to hunt for items anyway..).

Sometimes it's hard to even keep track of all those different awareness days, but this one aims to increase awareness of epilepsy.

You can find the Do's & Don'ts of First Aid when somebody's having a seizure here.
Always good to know the basics, so you don't lose your head at the time. Me, I am horrible in an emergency. Deer in headlights nothing against it ;) So you  know, I reckon "be prepared" and it's a lot easier not to be a total dumb ass when it comes to it.

It's hard enough for epilepsy sufferers to wake up to an audience, might as well be a calm, supportive one ;)

Still icy around here. Meh.
A four day week on the other hand, not meh at all :D

cardi & coat: highstreet
blouse: online store
hat & skirt(dyed), shoes: eBay
cape: market stall

Sunday, March 24

Sun will Rise

Hello there :) Happy weekend!
It's snowing again.. I thought we were past this, but this winter just won't budge.

I took these back in February, when the sun was only just stretching out it's golden feelers as I cycled towards work.

Those rowers.. always on the river, always yelling through megaphones early in the morning.
I know, I know... proud university tradition and what not, but it takes my all to keep from shouting right back at them.  Yes, yes, they're really only shouting commands to each other, spurning their team on, but I just can't help it, I want to give them what for.

I am a choleric.. at heart.

There's flats right there you know, the other side of the river and plenty of people live in boats around this stretch of the Cam too. What a wake up call! I am glad I don't live there or the poor rowers would have to get used to dodging objects aimed at them from my window ;)

hat: present (pass me down)
sweater & ankle boots: highstreet
cape: market stall
skirt: etsy
tights: online store

Thursday, March 21


Nope, I am not on a tropical island.. But I am wearing an avian tourist on my collar, which doesn't exactly put me in holiday mode but he definitely cheers me up whenever I catch my reflection in the mirror.

Another short one, hey?
Hope you have a good second half to the week :)

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tin brooch: etsy (unicornkids)
cardi: charity shop (dyed/buttons swapped)
coat: highstreet
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Tuesday, March 19

Round Tuit

Well, you know me:
I wake up to pea soup and I grab my tripod right away.

I am pleased I finally got a round tuit - around to swapping the buttons on this cardi that is.
It's a lovely hand knit. When I happened across it in a charity shop it looked a bit grey around the edges, a shortcoming easily remedied with a pack of dye. But until I swapped the buttons it just didn't look quite right. Now it's a firm favourite :)

Procrastination 0 - Stef 1

beret & wellies: eBay
scarf: present
cardi: charity shop (dyed & buttons swapped)
coat: supermarket
skirt: etsy (Eclectasie)
tights: online store

Sunday, March 17

Odds and Sods

I am collecting a few sewing patterns :)

This lined paper bedding set came with water soluble felt tips, so I got right to it and marked out my territory. ;)
(In case you're wondering: The small blue writing was in answer to a question from David: It's not a mole, it's a rosy cheek.)

I dyed this cardi quite a while ago but only today I finally tackled swapping the buttons for matching blue ones :)

An "image unrelated" kindle screensaver and our new rug :)

Palm leaf engraving (Talapatra chitra) - the very first piece in David's art collection :D

And a detail shot from an outfit post that never was :)

Happy Sunday you all!

Thursday, March 14


It's been a long, cold, beautifully bright day :)

I snapped some photos of what I was wearing on the way to work, when the fields were still covered in morning frost and children on their way to school were dawdling so they could kick just one more icy puddle CRUNCH!

I guess I'll catch up properly with you guys another time.
The day kind of disappeared on me and it's time for bed *yawn*

Happy Friday (almost)!

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Tuesday, March 12


Hey Hey!

Today was bitterly cold and windy to boot, so I hope you are suitably impressed that I left my warm office to snap these at lunch ;)

Thank goodness for this blog! Without it there would be no exploration of the great outdoors for this lazybones here.

Right, I am pooped you all.. time to catch up with some urgent lazing
Have a good one!

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scarf: market stall
dress: isabel knowles
cardi & tights: online store
boots: eBay

Sunday, March 10

Personality is a mask you believe in

I've been reading this and that just lately, dipping in and out of books and not really finishing any. That is, until yesterday afternoon.

That's when I stumbled across Wolf in the Head by Paul Quarry and by 2 AM the next morning I had turned the final page.

Here is the description that hooked me:
Wolf in the Head is a story about a psychic who doesn’t really want to be a vet, a coma patient who doesn’t really want to be a zombie, a dog who doesn’t really want to be a dog and a wolf – Well actually, the wolf doesn’t really mind living inside Marty’s head. If you like cats, you might want to read something else.

Well, there are a couple of cringy bits for your avid cat lover, but don't let that deter you ;)
I certainly spent fun, adventurous hours along for the ride with Marty and his headmate Wolf.
Well worth the read :)

Friday, March 8

Candy people explode when they get scared

Another working week bites the dust :)

I'd tell you all about what I've been up to, but I need to be rationing my screen time today (mega migraine aura.. or something)

Anyway, David and I just discovered Adventure Time.. how freaking awesome is that cartoon?!

Excuse me while I return to the very serious business of Jake and Finn.. there could be no better choice for my screen ration..

well - that said Ice Road Truckers is also becoming quite the habit.. nothing says Sunday morning like the latest load count ;)

Happy weekend!

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skirt: market stall (altered)
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Wednesday, March 6


When I went for photos at lunch I couldn't believe the sheer size of the swans that were flip flopping through the grass. I mean, this one big whopper easily reached my hips, and I am no shortie either.

Obviously I couldn't resist plotting to get these guys in shot, but I was pretty weary too, after all if they'd felt like it they could have totalled my camera with ease ;) Lucky they were on their best behaviour, hoping I might have some breadcrumbs hidden away like the other lunch-timers. Oh what a let down that must have been  ;)

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