Thursday, February 28


So, this is what I am wearing today :)

I don't recall every owning culottes before.
Bright green trousers masquerading as a skirt - more than enough to reel in this here consumer. My wallet never had a chance ;)

My pink and blue capes have been in constant use all winter long. Beats a scarf for sure and when I am cycling to and from work during the darker days of the year I am glad of every little bit of insulation. Just plain cosy is what it is ;) Which is saying a lot, because I am chronically cooold. I am the chat-chat-chattering teeth type.

So it is with some relief that I find we're near as dammit into March. Nearly spring high five! ;)

beret: etsy (softspoken)
blouse & culottes: online store
cape: festival stall
tights: eBay
coat, cardi & ankle boots: highstreet


  1. that hat is such a great texture!

  2. I just love your liberal doses of color. :o)

  3. elke pichlerMarch 01, 2013

    Oh, I love your necklace. Is it handmade?

  4. Hi there,

    Yes, I completely forgot to list it :)
    It's from Naju on etsy. :)

  5. Strung_Out6025March 02, 2013

    Beautiful colour, beautiful shapes, you look gorgeous! I've never seen culottes like this around here before, very cool!

  6. You wear colours so well, I can imagine you felt right at home in Goa! :)