Thursday, February 21

Still there

Greetings strangers ;)
Hurray! The photobucket team has confirmed my image issue :D They're working on it.
I can see these right now, so I hope you can too :)

My week off from the blog was a great little breather.
Sometimes it's good for the mind to interrupt your usual schedule a little, in blogging and elsewhere.

I have been reacquainting myself with some old hobbies:
I don't know when I stopped carrying a sketchbook, but I am back in the habit again, scribbling notes and doodling whenever the fancy takes me.

So I guess it'll be business as usual around here soon again, though I am not certain I'll be quite as reliable at my customary 3.5 posts a week. ;)
We'll see..

Meanwhile, have a most fantastic Thursday.

kerchief & jumper: highstreet
belt: eBay
skirt: highstreet (dyed)
tights: online store
boots: present

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