Monday, February 25


While we were based in the North of Goa during our holiday we did venture South once, spending a lazy day walking along Palolem Beach. Of course there was a looong early morning taxi ride first, watching the changing scenery (though the state highway is predictably boring).

As always we had Cold Coffee, Lassi and our e-readers, but for the most part we walked along, feet splashing in the water, occasionally bending to pick a shell. Palolem beach is so pretty we could easily have spent another couple of days exploring.

Did I tell you about losing my glasses on Kandolim beach? Keeping them on while I went swimming was just a liiiittle bit harebrained, so really, even I myself wasn't surprised when a wave swiped them right off my nose. Gone.

Luckily I had a pair of prescription sunnies with me, so only my evenings were blurry on the two days I waited for replacements (we went to the opticians right after the sea claimed my old specs). That said, my blurry world was a fantastic excuse to hold my husband's hand to cross the busy roads.  ;)

I was just breaking in my new glasses, when we found out that my lost pair had been swept up on the beach shortly after we headed for the optician's that day and was waiting to be picked up at a nearby beach shack. I was gobsmacked that my glasses had "come back to me" but also that the guys at the beach shack had not only kept them, but also tightened some screws I'd been meaning to fix for ages.
How's that for luck? ;)

Have you had any dumb luck lately?

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  1. oranges_and_applesFebruary 12, 2013

    that was unlucky/lucky!

  2. Gotta love stories that involve thoughtful people.  And regained sight haha.

  3. Faith RobinsonFebruary 25, 2013

    I love your blog! I just discovered it and I'm amazed! I live in Vienna, Austria which is quite a coincidence! Do you speak German?

  4. Hallo :)
    Ja, ich bin aus Salzburg, wohne aber schon seit 11 Jahren hier in England :)