Thursday, February 14

Out of Order

*repost with images in a new location.. ;)

Hi guys and welcome back to October ;)
Nothing like a bit of time travel :P

While my image account is being buggy I figured it'd be safer to share some ooold photos instead. At least that way I know you guys can at least see them ;)

This week has just raced by. I am writing to you from the exotic location that is my desk at lunchtime.
There are unfinished pieces of work all around, but who cares?
It's blogging hour..

hat & ankle boots: highstreet
dress: etsy (iknowlesnothing)
belt: present (pass me down)
jacket: eBay
Log Lady brooch: etsy (danadamki)

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  1. Strung_Out6025February 15, 2013

    And the funny thing about this post is that i still can't see any pictures....