Friday, February 8

Jack Slater, I am gonna get you!

Here's a true blast from the past you guys. These photos are from September last year.
I have worn it plenty but I don't think I've shown you my rain coat before?

It's a German oilcloth coat, a Friesennerz (=Frisian mink). Well, it sure is the mink of raincoats. Waterproof, no leaks, thick, just stiff enough and you know,.. yellow. Movie murderers can't be all wrong sartorially, right?

Happy weekend!

dress, raincoat & tights: online store
bow: present (pass me down)
brooch: etsy (SketchInc)
cardi: highstreet
skirt: etsy (anabelfuzz)
ankle boots: highstreet


  1. Strung_Out6025February 09, 2013

    such beautiful colours! And that brooch is amazing. I'm loving the yellow raincoat, I think I'll need one of those next winter...

  2. That brooch is amazing, and I love your raincoat, such a great colour for rainy days xo