Tuesday, January 29

Vagator & Anjuna

Well hello there :)
and welcome to yet another instalment of Goa :D

Vagator is quiet, relaxed and most of all: rocky.
I could have done with a pair of trainers climbing along between different sections of the beach, but it was well worth the odd cut :)

We went to Anjuna market (held on Wednesdays) on our third day in Goa. As far as learning to say a firm NO! (Maka Naka = I don't want it) to traders goes, it was a baptism of fire :D

We arrived early, so we got to walk along in peace while everybody was still busy setting up shop. We had a cup of tea with one of the traders, Sunita, who we had met on our first day, and amongst other things I got the dress on the right (third picture down) at her stall.

We went down to the beach for a little while before returning to find ourselves in the grip of an unplanned shopping frenzy. It really creeps up on you, and while it was quite an experience I don't think I'll bother with markets next time we visit Goa. Frankly, it's much of a muchness. Anjuna market is vast, but while there are some pretty things up for grabs, the wares are largely identical.

I might not do markets again, but I sure will return to our tailor. I have a couple of new dresses and skirts to show you guys as soon as cold old England warms up a bit :D

The most striking feature of Anjuna beach is what I am pretty sure are vast structures of barnacle cement. You can walk out to sea like you're on a natural pier and watch the waves break :)

That's all for today :)
Have a good one you all!


  1. oranges_and_applesJanuary 29, 2013

    lovely pictures! the shrine (?) in the first picture looks like giant lego!

  2. I thought it looked rather like a toy too :)

  3. I love these photos, and I'm so jealous of your bare legs! Looks beautiful xo