Friday, January 18

Russkaya Mafiya

North Goan beaches appear to be devided between Russian and English tourists and generally holiday makers stick with their own crowd.

Morjim & Ashvem Beach are definitely on the Russian side, but far quieter than many of the beaches claimed by the English contingent. Many locals are none too pleased with the influx of Russian tourists. Not least because of mafia connections, but probably the language barrier is also partly to blame.

The stretch of beach between Morjim and Ashvem was one of my favourite places to hang out, though we tried to steer clear of the nesting and hatching habitat of the Olive ridley sea turtle, an endangered species the numbers of which have already been reduced by the hustle and bustle of tourism. The local Forest department is working closely with the Tourism department to try and keep the place livable for these guys.

I hurt my foot at Dudhsagar waterfalls towards the end of our stay. After that I walked the beach with a sock taped to my foot to keep the sand out of my wound. Luckily I found this awesome walking stick, with the help of which I manoeuvred myself through the sand wobbling along like an old crone. :D

I am still nowhere near out of photos you guys - More of that another day ;)
Meanwhile: Happy weekend! :)


  1. The pictures of you on the water are lovely!  Oh man, makes me want to grab my sun hat and run to the beach.  It's snowing here like mad.

  2. It's working up to another white downpour over here too :) Not that my skin looks tan to anyone but me (I go from 'pasty' to 'a tad less pasty' when I get some sun) but I do have to laugh when I look in the mirror in this winter wonderland :D