Tuesday, January 22

Night time is the right time

Baga, Calangute and Kandolim beach were more or less within walking distance from our hotel.
We spent plenty a lazy afternoon and evening at Kandolim beach, which is far quieter than busy Baga and crowded Calangute (which is positively pumping after dark).

Crickets chirped at dusk, while midges quietly homed in on whatever piece of skin we'd missed when spraying ourselves with Odomos insect repellent (don't forget your toes and elbows!)
We'd listen to the waves roll in, while dogs placidly curled up in the sand. Later on we'd fall asleep to their howling. Cows made a "feast" of the perishable waste strewn on the town's streets while we walked back to the hotel by torch light.

Mildew and incense, the strong sweet scent of cashew (oh heck, stay away from Feni!) and of course the salty sea breeze too.. with all senses engaged you might just feel like a child again, when the world was new and every experience was a first.

And of course night time is the right time to play with the bulb setting on your camera while brandishing your torch ;)


  1. ahh thooose COWS! how cute! fun light paintings:) we did some like that at monument valley at dusk.  still need to post them though. sooo behind.

  2. Reading your description made me feel as if I were there (and then I looked outside and saw all the snow falling).  What lovely photos. It is interesting to see cows on a beach.