Sunday, January 20

In the Warm Lack of Everything

I found it when I was in my teens, on those first excursions into the depths of the world wide web. The electronic cacophony of the dial tone. Our phone number engaged for the duration. Back when people used to ask you: "where did you go?" after you'd severed the connection and expect a geographical answer. It was then that I found a geocities (or was it angelfire?) site full of poems that deeply resonated with me.

I printed them out and pasted them into a little notebook. Sadly, I didn't note down the author's name and years later, when I finally thought to check, the site had disappeared without a trace. Even the wayback machine couldn't help me.

Still, there is that little book of mine, full of found words. So I thought I'd share a page with you. :)

God is only happy when it's Fall
so that cunning skin doesn't crawl
in the warm lack of everything
beginning in the lapis lazulian reality
of a sky that only is lovers' eyes
in the warm lack of everything
wet at birth, now dry with a fingertiped
yearning at something forgiven
to the tingly, tingly smile
forgotten still
in the warm lack of everything for
the property of being tucked in by
matronly smelling wind and
soft relaxation of a beastly world
in a coaxedly cathartic sigh
of a small little man
who is at home on a little world
in the warm lack of everything
knowingly only that nothing like somethings
can be
ivory skin youth memoried dancing
quiet reflections of mercurial pools of time
with floating red and orange and yellow (not green)
in the warm lack of everything

Well, it's far from autumnal over here ;)
It's been snowing all day and there is no end in sight - it's really still only a dusting, though that might be different by morning. Here's to cosy homes and hot cups of tea :D

hat: supermarket
coat & cardi: supermarket
blouse & mittens: present
skirt (dyed): eBay
tights: online store
shoes: highstreet


  1. oranges_and_applesJanuary 21, 2013

    how nice for the poems to travel authorless through time like that!

  2. Are you familiar with the poet Tanya Davis?  I think you might enjoy her work.

  3. the foggy background is SO pretty!

  4. Did you watch "How to Be Alone?"  Or one of my personal favorites "Art" -

  5. Art.. you make it pretty hard not to :D
    A brilliant little manifesto :)
    I really like Dorman's animation too


  6. Makes me wanna go paint and draw!