Thursday, January 31

In order of awesomeness

Hi there
This is what I wore one Monday back in November. .

This morning the sun was just cresting the horizon as I reached this same spot. As soon as I had my tripod slung across my back I tentatively steered my bike off the path. While the sun is up early enough for me to take dawn photos before work now, the ground is certainly not to be trifled with.. I tried to pedal back to safety, but in the end I had to put a foot down -SLURP- to steady myself. So I arrived at work with a muddy left shoe and no outfit shots to show for it.

Getting closer though - not long now :) Not that you think I am waiting hard here..  oh no! Not at all. I am the picture of patience, me.
Well, there is not much else to report. Below these photos I have embedded some songs (in order of awesomeness) I have been listening to over the past few days. A LOT.

Robert Belfour - Hill Stomp
I only came across Robert Belfour yesterday afternoon. While running reports I kept clicking across to my youtube tab to watch him play. So freaking excellent.

Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir - Rainstorms In My Knees
I came across these guys on Monday. They have been accompanying me on my bike for the past couple of days. It was hard picking one of their songs to post here, Neighbourhood Butcher was a close second.

Sixteen Horsepower - Hutterite Mile
I haven't listened to much Sixteen Horsepower yet, but I keep coming back to this tune when I feel like a break from the above ;)

What's plugged into your ears these days?

hat: etsy (softspoken)
blouse: highstreet
mittens: supermarket
cardi & cornflower blue tights: eBay
skirt: etsy (anabelfuzz)
boots: present


  1. Sounds like someones got a case of the blues ;).  Thanks for some great tune new music recommendations!  

  2. That second photo of you with the sun rising, is amazing. I love it. I was staring at it for a while because of how lovely it is and how it goes so nicely with your outfit too.