Saturday, January 12

Horn OK Please

Hi guys :)
Here is a first look at my holiday snaps from our time in Goa.

Based in Calangute, we spent most of our time exploring the Northern coastal line, but we took day trips Southwards too. More of that another day ;)

Such awesome lorries, I wish I'd caught snaps of more of these. That's my kind of Bling ;)

It's been so long since I last collected shells :) Here is my loot, lined up for a quick photo on the last day :)

I guess you can tell I was smitten with the colourful houses (I wish I'd caught some pictures of the beautiful Tulsi pots that can be found in front of Hindu households). The above candy stripes were a particular favourite :)

And they say you can't eat money!

100 Rupees is worth under two Dollars, one and a half Euros or just over a Pound. It sure feels strange typing 10,000 as the withdrawal amount at the cash machine. Because coins aren't always to hand, occasionally you might receive chocolates as part of your change instead.

Goa's narrow roads are filled with mopeds, motorbikes, tuk-tuks and cars, overtaking each other left and right. There are no pavements, so there are plenty of pedestrians walking along the sides too. This spectacle is accompanied by the constant cacophony of  HORNS! At first glance it looks like mayhem, but: There is method in the madness ;) 
Horns are rarely blown out of aggression but instead appear to be the secret language of motorists, with "I am about to overtake you" as it's most common, but in no way the only meaning ;)

The legend "Horn OK Please" is printed on many a vehicle's rear in large, friendly letters. I think I'll miss that a whole lot :)

Okay guys, my laptop is running out of juice, so I'll say good bye for now :)
Have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Indian roads are crazy aren't they? Your post brings back memories of my own trip to India in 2009. Look forward to seeing the next post on your trip!

  2. They're certainly memorable :)
    Some skillful drivers for sure :D

  3. Avy StanfordJanuary 13, 2013

    That cat looks like it's up to something.

  4. Love these pictures! Everything looks so bright and colorful.